Langsuyar & Euthymia

Apocalypse cancelled

A Memorial to Anton Szandor LaVey (1930-1997)

This vinyl consists of spoken word passages from “The Satanic Bible” and “Satan Speaks!”. The background music, courtesy of one of the leading electronic / ambient projects in Portugal, creates a dark evocative atmosphere, providing the appropriate soundscape and environment for this intense ritual.

Vinyl Tracklist

Laevus (English)
Side A : Apocalypse cancelled 13:00
Dexter (Portuguese)
Side B : Apocalypse cancelled 13:00

A Memorial to Anton Szandor LaVey 1930-1997
Limited Deluxe Edition 10” Silver Vinyl
666 signed and hand numbered copies
Ritual performed at Urban Insect Studios.
Langsuyar’s vocal work is part of the Daemonarch series:
Volume I – Hermeticum 1998 E.V.
Volume II – Apocalypse Cancelled 2008 E.V.

Adapted By (Text), Vocals – Langsuyar
Design – Phobos Anomaly
Music By, Recorded By [Music], Producer – Euthymia
Photography By – Dora Carvalhas
Recorded By [Additional Recordings], Mixed By, Mastered By – Euthymia, Fernando Matias
Recorded By [Vocals] – Fernando Matias
Text By [Original] – Anton Szandor La Vey


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