Under The Moonspell


1. Allah Akbar! La allah ella allah! (praeludium / incantatum solstitium) 1:51
2. Tenebrarum oratorium (andamento I / erudit compendyum) (interludium / incantatum oequinoctium) 7:25
3. Tenebrarum oratorium (andamento II / erotic compendyum) 6:02
4. Opus diabolicum (andamento III / instrumental compendyum) 4:22
5. Chorai lusitânia! (epilogus / incantatam maresia) 1:46
total time 21:26

Line up

Mantus Iberius Daemonium: Six string occult citar
Tanngrisnir Imperator Ignis: Six string celtic harp
Langsuyar Tenebrarum Rex: Dramatic, erudit vox and passioned metaphors
Neophytus Lupus Maris: Ethnic and tragic ambience keys
Nisroth de Occulta Fraternitatis: Traditional, classical and vile percussions
Tetragrammaton Tremendae Majestatis: Four string arabid ‘ud

“I would like to dedicate all my musical composition and work in this opus to my beloved mother… NANA (14.3.48-29.7.93). May death join us soon.”

“With the strong Conscience of having something new and true to offer and with the Nietchenian statement which opens Moonspell’s biography as our assumed motto Moonspell evoluted and conquered a private status, moving into a highly philosphical and erotic lyric field and into a Southern, Meditteranic and Ethnic musical context diving deeply into the roots of Our culture. The result is at your hands and at your cars and possibly at your heart.
“Tenebrarum Oratorium” (Andamento I / Erudit Compendyum); “Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento II / Erotic Compendyum) & “Opus Diabolicum” (Andamento III / Instrumental Compendyum) are indeed three opus of Inaugural, Ethnic and Symphonic Satanic Music, pure Art, combining intelligent and felt poetry and philosophy with aescetic, classical and atmospheric melodies which will drive you into an unique and very precious Erudit Zenith.
In an opaque context of frigid creations and common sense rude copies, what Moonspell offers you is the Fire of the South, the overwhelming Meditteranic Music, the immense Atlantic Power, the Sadness and Solitude spoken by the Sea Winds and the sapient words from the cradle of all Thought and Will.
So we welcome you and your senses to this musical piece in the hope that you traval beyond our music and words, but with your companions to your own ground of Disobbedience and Intellectual ecstasy.
All under Will, Our Will !”

All music by Moonspell. All additional classical instruments compositions created by Moonspell and performed by : Bisel flute : Sara Carreiras, Violin : Nuno Flores, Lyrics feminin vox : Antonieta Lopes.
Sara Arega moans on “Opus Diabolicum”. Arabic vocals on intro by Abdul Sewtea. Timpan and gong were gently ceeded by Sociedad Filarmonica Comercio e industria da Amadora. We are thankful.
Recorded between December 93 e.v and January 94 e.v in Edit Studio, produced by Quim Monte, whom we thank, and mixed by Jorge Adonis and Moonspell.
Photos by Jason Williams, Back Door Press.
Special thanks to Christian from Adipocere, all in Edit Studio (Quime, Jorge, Ramiro, and Freddy) and our guest musicians.
The complete layout was conceived by Moonspell, friendly assisted by Joao Paixao. Logo by Christophe Szpajdel.
c/o Langsuyar, P.O box 28, 2700 Brandoa, Portugal.

Taken from UTM booklet by Vanessainthemoon, admin of www.moonspell-lyrics.com

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1. Allah Akbar! La Allah Ella Allah (Preludium – Incantantvm Solstitium)


2. Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento I / Erudit Compendyum)

The Majestic horns of Baphomet
are indeed our occult banners proudly up in the air!
The androgenious light of Lucipher
is our noble passion, most dear and rare!

Oh! Faustian spirit of conquest
May be thy allied in this infimious battle
Against the Arauts of Desrespect
Those who step with muddy feet the sapient inscriptions of our

To our strenghtening I proudly confess:

I worship thee, for they are my weapons to hurt god.

Oh! Great wings of Beelzebuth
Will you honour me and lay the head
of a son of caym, in the soft sands of Manitou
Where I’ll sleep under this neophyth Sky of Anxiety.

For the dawn of Knowledge has a Southern Sign
Delfos will once again desveil its light
And those with eyes will drink this precious wine
But for the blind, Ignorance shall be the only sight!

To our strenghtening I will re-affirm:

I worship thee. They are my Shield.
And their message I shall reveal.

Because: “Quod sciptum, Scripsi!”

And this Southern blend of esoteric sapience
This sensual Mediterranic Philosophy
Will be the only and holy science
And these lines both dream and prophecy!

“Ecce Homo!” – Those you’ll call the Wise
Who will destroy this pitful hole of common sense
of desrespect for the true occult devise
Those who from, the lambs, shall feel the sharpened spears of

I worship thee. “Quod sciptum, Scripsi!”
I worship thee. “Consummatum est!”

3. Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento II / Erotic Compendyum)

Oh! Insinuant tongue of Lilith
Oh! Virtuous latin Langsuyar
Will you both drive me onto an Erudit Zenith?
Will I take part in the lybidious dances of Nergal?

I lust with thee. Pictures, fetishes of luxury!

Does the incomparable beauty of Kali
Still adorn this grey heart, my own
Where the love of Lebasy
Once shined Joy, now Sorrow…

I lust with thee. These exquisite Icons of Impurity!

As I undress you of Pagan beauty
Who embrace my Sex with all your passion and strenght
The lost chimera of Virginity will be your true purity
And thy Crownleyian erotic laws will rule at last!

We, seekers can not deny…

That the Temptation of Samael
Is thy Erotic law of every Man
And i will hesitate not to enter Hell
Where this dioniosiac fortune had ever dwell!
Oh! Phallus of Satanachia, possess with me
These cunted beings to their End
Until the Sunset of their resistance fall
Behind the flowers which adorn their head

I lust with thee. Everlasting seekers of Animality.

4. Opus Diabolicum (Andamento III / Instrumental Compendyum)

“Voa Serpente do orgulho,
Mãe da terra, nossa Mãe
Lei daqueles que clamam
P’lo Homo Natura, p’la flama,
Voa erotico Pentagramma
E destroi, e destroi quem te ama.”

“Masturbar-me-ia sobre a tua divinidade,
Enrabar-te-ia se a tua fraca existência
Oferecesse um cu à minha incontinência;
Meu brao o coraçâo te arrancar
Para com o meu fundo horror melhor te penetrar.”

Marquis de Sade (1740-1814)

English translation

“Fly, serpent of pride,
Mother of earth, our Mother
Law of those who claim
For the Homo Natura, for the flame,
Fly erotic Pentagram
And destroy, destroy those who love us.”

“I would masturbate over your divinity,
Sodomize you if your feeble existence
would offer an ass to my incontinence;
My arm thy heart would pull out
So that with my profound horror better could I penetrate you.”

Marquis de Sade (1740-1814)

5. Chorai Lusitânia!



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